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Recently I have been reading a lot on the Internet about people who are worried that the Federal government law enforcement agencies have been buying large amounts of ammo, guns and armored cars.  One report was the DHS had 2,700 MRAP armored cars.  I support local law enforcment but I don't think the Federal government is planning to install President Obama as the dictator.  I do think President Obama is a terrible president and I did not vote for him either time.

As the military downsizes or gets new vehicles they are often given to local law enforcement. I work as a reserve police sergeant at a small agency in Southern California.  In the 22 years I have been there we have gotten several CCUV trucks (all gone now) and one Cadillic armored car. The armored car was a hand me down from another police department, but they got it from DOD and were upgrading to a new armored car. The other agency was ten times our size. Most people don't know this but there are over 10,000 local law enforcement agencies in the United States, most cities have their own police and every county has a county sheriff, in addition to state police, game wardens
and many other agencies.

I suspect that's where most of theose MRAPS are going since the Iraq was has been winding down. Remember too the USA is a big place, if you need an armored car to respond to a terrorist incident you have to have hundreds, if not thousands, pre-positioned all over the nation to have one or two close enough to get to the incident in a reasonable time.  US police have used armored cars for almost a century now, and it's a good idea; that's what the SGT Says.

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